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Do you wish to legally change your name or that of your minor child? Doing so generally involves petitioning the court and meeting other documentation requirements. If you would like low-cost legal help to make such a change, we recommend that you contact The Legal Quill. We can efficiently and cost-effectively help you with the process. Our unbundled legal services include legal name changes for Colorado adults and minors.

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How to Legally Change Your Name in Colorado

Name Changes for Adults

person changing their nameTo legally change your name, you will have to file a Decree for Name Change. You may also change your name after your marriage, divorce, or legal separation without petitioning.

You can change your name after marriage by presenting a certified copy of your marriage certificate to the necessary institutions, such as the Social Security Administration, DMV, and your bank. When seeking a divorce or legal separation, the forms you fill out will give you the option of changing your name back to the name you held before your marriage. If you wish to make any other name change, you will have to do so by filing a petition with the court for a Decree of Name Change and fulfilling all of the requirements for the process. These requirements include criminal background checks, fingerprinting, and filling in all required forms.

Name Changes for Minors

Name changes are generally not allowed for minors who have been adjudicated as juvenile offenders, most especially in the case of a juvenile who has committed a crime that would be considered a felony as an adult. Otherwise, name changes for minors require a petition with reasons for the change, fingerprinting, and consent from the other parent who has a right to contest such a change with the court.

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